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FUMA 3  


Scythe flagship model Fuma 3 is a high-end dual tower CPU air cooler. Built on the basis of the legendary Fuma 2, the Fuma 3 is optimized with higher fin density and better cooling performance. Thanks to the improved asymmetrical heat sink layout, the Fuma 3 offers 100% RAM compatibility which can even be installed on the Z690I Mini-ITX motherboards. The Fuma 3 is ready for full LGA1700 and AM5 support. 


Stunning Performance

The state-of-the-art sturdy radiator structure comply with Scythe aerodynamic-focused concept with higher fin density which increases the surface area of thermal dissipation and maximize the cooling efficiency during the operations. The Fuma 3 is the optimal choice for the high TDP PC and processors.

Scythe Fuma 3, (LGA 1700/AM5 READY)

  • 2 Years

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