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Feast your eyes, a majestic work of art

​  Unobstructed glass view provides a gorgeous display
  New and improved directed airflow
  High airflow performance
  4 high quality ARGB PWM fans
  Flashy ARGB light party
  Innovative cable management


Revolutionary Improvements with Stunning High-Performance Features

SKY TWO is the second generation of the SKY series which is part of the high-end product line in the MONTECH family. To meet the aim of this series, SKY TWO comes with a brand-new configuration. Each detail and raw material is specifically selected to maximize a luxurious experience for our users of this high-end product

Integrated front and side panels, the fine mesh that covers the entire bottom of the tower and the high-efficiency pre-installed fans, combine the usefulness and elegance that match up to our core value of the design, also fulfill all the users desire no matter if it is for performance or appearance.


Enjoy the Unobstructed Views

Thanks to the integrated front and side panel, users can see their whole interior at first sight.The fine mesh that covers from the underside of the front panel extends to the PSU chamber with pre-installed ARGB fans that enhances the beauty of this masterpiece.


  • 1 Year

  • Side: 120mm*2(RX120 PWM Fans)
    PSU Shroud: 120mm*1(RX120 PWM Fans)
    Rear: 120mm*1(AX120 PWM Fans)

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