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KING 95 

Quality Meets Innovation in Style


Beyond Flat Screens: The Allure of Curved Glass Experiences

Unleash the Power of Resilience: Unwavering Tempered Glass

Hardware Harmony with Dual Chamber: Exceptional Compatibility


Streamlined Cable Management Design

Innovation in Every Frame: Our Patented Side Fan Bracket

Precision Design: Premium Mesh Panel Included


Masterpiece Unleashed: The Zenith of Premium Series

A Symphony of Luxury: Discovering the Zenith in KING 95

Step into the future with Montech's KING Series – the epitome of premium materials and cutting-edge design. KING is the result of our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation, seamlessly blending top-tier materials with distinctive aesthetics. Whether you're a trend-setting gamer or a visionary creator striving for excellence, KING Series is designed to meet and exceed your every tech component desire.


This collection embodies our unyielding commitment to excellence. KING 95, our flagship product, stands as a symbol of our unwavering dedication to quality. With its captivating exterior design and groundbreaking features, KING Series promises to immerse you in a world of tech-driven excitement.


  • 1 Year

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