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DeepCool LS520/720 DeepCool’s new LS520 and LS720 are 240mm and 360mm radiators respectively which boast an all-blacked out design providing an elegant cooling solution for those that aren’t fans of RGB. They utilise DeepCool’s 4th Gen high-performance water pump which has been meticulously designed to optimize coolant microchannels. The pump has also been upgraded with a powerful three-phase drive motor, reaching speeds up to 3100 RPM. This is all within a rigid aluminium housing which provides a pristine appearance plus the pump cover is rotatable to suit varying build configurations.


The radiator, either 240mm or 360mm, is equipped with highly efficient 120mm PWM fans which strike a balance between low noise and powerful airflow, all whilst enhancing the all-black aesthetics. The radiator also utilises anti-leak technology with an internal valve to regulate pressure and purge it when the internal pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure.

Deepcool LS520S/LS720S ZERO DARK

PriceFrom S$129.00
  • 3 Years

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