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  • Backup
  • PCIe Gen4x4
  • 3D NAND Flash
  • NVMe 1.4
  • SLC Caching


  • PCle® Gen4x4
    NVMe 1.4

    As the next generation PCle® Gen4x4
    Interface, it provides up to twice as much
    performance as the existing PCle® Gen3.

  • Outstanding speed at
    a different level

    It provides a much faster gaming experience
    with up to 7,000MB/s of incredible read
    speed and up to 6,850MB/s of write speed.

  • Enhancement of performance
    through the DRAM buffer

    The DRAM buffer extends SSD service life,
    improves execution speed by up to 15%,
    and significantly enhances durability.

  • Intelligent SLC caching

    Enhanced durability and read/write
    performance with the application of SLC
    (Single Level Cell) caching technology.

  • Self-monitoring

    Feel maximum stability by built-in
    S.M.A.R.T.(Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
    Reporting Technology).

  • Excellent Thermal
    Throttling Algorithm

    Maintain constant temperatures within
    SSD to ensure data safety and integrity.

KLEVV C920 - NVME M.2 GEN 4x4 - 1TB 7000R/5500W

  • 5 Years

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