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DDR5-4800 U-DIMM Memory Module

● Higher Frequencies 

● Built-in Power Management IC

● Higher Capacities

● On-Die Error Correcting Code 


Higher Frequencies

The DDR5-4800 U-DIMM delivers blazing frequencies of up to 4800 MT/s, a major leap from the max. frequency of DDR4 modules (3200 MT/s) 

More Energy-Efficient

This next-gen memory module operates on just 1.1V, making it 8% more power-efficient than DDR4. What's more, it features a built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) to enhanced power supply stability. 

Capacity Doubled

This memory module's architecture allows for more memory bank groups and banks. With the same area, more bank groups can be packed into the module, doubling what was possible with DDR4, giving you higher capacities.

ADATA U-DIMM DDR5 4800 CL40 (1x16GB)

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